What our patients can expect

What can the patients and their families expect?

  • Homely (but specialist) environment – It is important to us that patients and their families feel welcome and at ease
  • Personalised services for each patient. – Everyone is unique
  • A wide range of specialist facilities and equipment to support people – Training in social and domestic skills
  • Activities focussed on each patients interests and goals – Social, recreational, educational and vocational. Patients and their families are encouraged to be involved in activities.
  • Varied Menus – Nutrition is an important part of rehabilitation
  • Regular meetings with our Rehabilitation Team. – To agree and review goals
  • A named nurse/therapist as a key worker.  – Essential for good communication
  • A weekly therapy timetable – To ensure everyone knows what is happening
  • Improved quality of life for patients, families and carers.
  • Improved independence amongst people with neurological disabilities.
  • Support with the next steps.

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