Sports Medicine Clinic – All Hallows Therapies Department

Struggling with a Sports Injury? Want to improve your performance? Or looking for a post-op rehabilitation programme?

We offer flexible appointment times between 8:30am and 4:30pm on weekdays.

What exactly does our Sports Clinic offer?

Our Sports Medicine Clinic is broken down into 8 categories. We offer everything from rehabilitation programmes to aid your return to sport, to injury prevention and dry needling to ease pain and improve function. You may require attention in one or several of the below categories.

1. Injury Rehabilitation
Clinical diagnosis and a personalised treatment programme.

2. Return to Sport
A fully guided return to sport programme tailored to your injury, stage of healing and sport demands.

3. Strength and Conditioning
A sports specific programme to improve strength, power, speed, agility, proprioception and endurance.

4. Injury Prevention
Biomechanical, motor control and strength assessment for your required sport.

5. Taping / Strapping
To assist in preventing re-injury when returning to sport.

6. Gait Assessment
A real-time assessment of your running mechanics in order to identify ways to improve running economy, prevent injury and identify compensation strategies.

7. Post-Op Sports Medicine
A fully guided return to sport programme starting from surgical discharge.

8. Dry Needling

To address myofascial pain, tight musculature and range of motion restrictions.

When you book your initial assessment, our Sports Injury Specialist (Sam) will meet with you to discuss your issues and/or goals in sport. Follow up sessions can be booked and a personalised plan of action/rehabilitation plan can be formulated. See session prices below.

How much does it cost?

Initial Assessment (Up to 1 hour): £50    |    Follow up session (30 mins): £40

Contact our Therapy Team:

For enquiries and bookings, please call our Physiotherapy Department on 01986 892728. Alternatively, you can contact our team via email:

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