Sensory Room

Sensory Room & Family Room

It is a nice inviting and stimulating space, which doesn’t look like a hospital, somewhere residents and their families can go and spend quality time together and close the door to all the chaos……

sensory room

The room itself has lots of colourful moving objects and touchy feely items specifically designed to aid residents with low level awareness.  On the floor there are colourful liquid tiles to touch and to the side a Responsive Bubble Tube which is interactive allowing the user to change colour and play games like Simon Says.

A raised platform has a sofa on top which folds down into a soft mat for the residents to lay on allowing them to move freely without harming themselves. On the opposite wall there is a very large screen with a DVD / IPod facility. It is a sensory room and a family room. Photographs can also be brought in on a memory stick sharing those special occasions.

The wife of one of our residents added that the room has opened a whole new horizon for both her, John and their family. “We will be able to sit side by side and have a cuddle. John is in a wheel chair all of the time except when he is in his bed and although the chair provides independence it is also a barrier. It will be especially good for our 2 grown up daughters and our grandchildren. They will be able to lay on the floor with John and do things together.”

Open to Everyone

sensory room

All Hallows is very much part of the local community and the team feel very privileged to have this fantastic space and feel strongly that others should have the opportunity to benefit from it too.

The room is available for anyone to use every Monday & Thursday between 9am-5pm. Residents from other care homes or hospitals are welcome to visit. It will be open to anyone of any age who has a sensory disability, who would benefit from spending time in the room. Children are welcome providing they are supervised by an adult at all times. There will be no charge to use this facility however you will need to book the room. If you would like to make a booking or to arrange to visit the room to see what it has to offer please contact Reception at the Hospital on 01986 892728.

There is also a sensory garden in the Hospital grounds and welcomes visitors too.

Thank You

We were able to create this wonderful space with the funds donated from Bullock Fair Charity Shop in Harleston.