Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Paediatric Occupational Therapy (OT):

Paediatric OT helps children to develop, recover and maintain essential skills by exercising their ability of daily living. The goal is to help children grow into independent, productive and healthy individuals.

Our Paediatric OT service offered to children encompasses the following:

  • Comprehensive O.T. assessment, advice and treatment of:
  • Gross Motor skills
  • Fine Motor skills (including pre-writing and handwriting skills)
  • Assessment of Visual–perception skills
  • Assessment of Sensory Processing
  • Advice and support in management of a wide range of developmental conditions including:
    • Dyspraxia
    • Development Co-ordination Disorder (DCD)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
    • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • Fragile X
  • Individual and small group treatment sessions (play based) tailored to individual needs, using a variety of approaches
  • Treatment sessions provided to take account of the needs of the child and family, e.g. the option of treatment sessions provided after school and in the school holidays
  • School and pre-school visits as appropriate
  • Recommendations to education
  • Liaison with other professionals involved with the child
  • Referral to other agencies as appropriate
  • Equipment and adaption recommendations as appropriate
  • Provision of detailed written reports, including written contributions to Education, Health and Care Plans (E.H.C.P)

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