Occupational Therapy

All Hallows Occupational Therapy Service (inpatients only)

All Hallows Hospital has an Occupational Therapist (OT) and an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) they maximise functional ability and independence and facilitate a safe, prompt and effective discharge home.

When a patient is admitted to the hospital and is first seen by our GP, it will be decided whether referral to OT is appropriate. If a referral is made the OT will aim to carry out an initial assessment within 3 working days of admission, with the patient’s consent.

Following this assessment, the OT or assistant may require to assess the patient’s home. Arrangements will be made to either take the patient in the OT’s car to visit the home, or for the OT to visit the home in the presence of a relative.

The OT will discuss the outcome of the assessment with the patient and a report will be sent to the GP and if appropriate, the Social Worker. The OT will arrange provision of all necessary equipment/adaptation as provided by social services free of charge. The OT can advise on any extra equipment that the patient may wish to purchase independently.

The OT works closely with the other members of the hospital team; nurses, physiotherapist, doctor and social worker, as well as services in the community, to devise a treatment programme to increase functional ability and independence and maximise the potential of each patient.

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The OT will determine that the patient has reached their optimum level of rehabilitation with regard to managing personal care, independence in activities of daily living and mobility and whether the patient will require a package of care. The OT/OTA will liaise with the patient and their relatives/carer concerning the home situation. They will consider the preferences and quality of life of each and try to facilitate a plan for discharge which is agreed by all concerned.

The OT aims to provide a holistic service to the patient which can involve liaising with family, charities, local authorities etc. to obtain specialist equipment or adaptations for the home and to support patient, family and carers in what is sometimes a stressful time in their lives.